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      工作輪旋轉且達到一定轉速時,由于離心力的作用,將液體甩向四周,形成個貼在缸體內表面的液環。部液環的內表面與工作輪的輪轂相切,工作輪與液環之間形成一個月牙形空間,此空間被工作輪葉片分成若干容積不等的小室(基元容積)。工作輪旋轉時,右半圈的基元容積逐漸擴大,左半圈的基元容積逐漸縮小。相應地在年體兩側端蓋上開設鐮刀形的吸氣口、排氣口,右邊的大鐮刀孔為吸口,左邊的小鐮刀孔為排出口。這樣,工作輪旋轉一周,每個基元容積擴大、縮小一次,并與吸口、排出口各連通一次 ,實現吸氣 、壓縮、排氣及可能有的膨脹過程。因此,液環泵實際是一種容積式壓縮機。

      隨著氣體的排出,同時也夾帶一部分液體排出,所以必須在吸口補充一定量的液體, 使液環保持恒定的體積,并借以帶走熱量,起冷卻作用。
          液環泵工作時,葉片攪動液體而產生很大的能量損失,稱為水力損失,損失的能量幾乎等于壓縮氣體所耗之功。因此,液環真空泵效率很低,等溫效率僅為0.30~0.45,大型機器可達0. 48~0.52。


      Difference between 4 suction heads and 3 suction heads of multi suction sewage pump

      Liquid ring pump is mainly used for vacuumizing and conveying gas medium, and its working principle is shown in Figure 2-11. The impeller with straight blades is eccentrically arranged in the cylinder body, and a certain amount of liquid is introduced into the cylinder body, usually water.

      When the working wheel rotates and reaches a certain speed, due to the centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown around to form a liquid ring on the surface of the cylinder body. The inner surface of the upper liquid ring is tangent to the wheel hub of the working wheel, and a crescent shaped space is formed between the working wheel and the liquid ring, which is divided into several chambers (elementary volume) with different volumes by the blades of the working wheel. When the working wheel rotates, the volume of the right half circle increases gradually, while the volume of the left half circle decreases gradually. Correspondingly, a sickle shaped air inlet and an air outlet are arranged on the end covers on both sides of the new year body, the big sickle hole on the right is the air inlet, and the small sickle hole on the left is the air outlet. In this way, when the working wheel rotates for one circle, the volume of each element expands and shrinks once, and is connected with the suction and discharge ports once, so as to realize the process of suction, compression, exhaust and possible expansion. Therefore, the liquid ring pump is actually a positive displacement compressor.

      With the discharge of gas, but also entrained part of the liquid discharge, so it is necessary to add a certain amount of liquid in the suction, so that the liquid environment to maintain a constant volume, and to take away heat, play a cooling role.

      When the liquid ring pump works, the blade stirs the liquid and produces a great energy loss, which is called hydraulic loss. The energy loss is almost equal to the work consumed by the compressed gas. Therefore, the efficiency of liquid ring vacuum pump is very low, the isothermal efficiency is only 0.30 ~ 0.45, and the large machine can reach 0.48 ~ 0.52.

      Liquid ring pump usually uses water as sealing fluid, mostly used as vacuum pump, so it is traditionally called water ring vacuum pump. Due to the full cooling effect of the liquid, the compression process is close to isothermal compression, the final compression temperature of the gas is very low, there is no mutual friction between metal surfaces in the pump, and the medium does not directly contact with the cylinder, so it is suitable for transporting flammable, explosive, high-temperature, easily decomposed and strongly corrosive gases. The machine has simple structure, no need of suction valve and exhaust valve, stable and reliable operation, and even air volume. The disadvantage is that the efficiency is too low.